Rock n Roll Weapon – Self-Titled EP (2008)

Rock n Roll Weapon EPIt’s no understatement when I say that Rock n Roll Weapon is one of Australia’s most under-rated bands. Their only release – the self-titled EP – runs for just under fifteen minutes, and in that time manages to display a band hellbent on rock n’ roll rebellion. The EP plays out more like a jam by the tightest band of all time than a collection of composed songs, and that by no means is a bad thing.

Kicking off with “Brick Vs Skull”, vocalist Kenny soars over the top of the chaotic mix of rock n’ roll, hardcore and metal riffs. This intro track is followed immediately by “Deceiver”, a crushingly metallic number which manages to transition into one hell of a breakdown, showing the deathcore kiddies just how it’s done. From the uncompromising rhythm section to the absolutely mind-numbing leads, this song is almost completely without fault.

However, the same cannot be said for the entire EP. “Reason” – while by no means a bad song – simply doesn’t hold up to the energy present on the previous track. The song’s chorus is perhaps the most melodic of those present on the EP, and although some incredibly enjoyable play is present between guitarists Nick and Romano, including an amazing solo, the song feels slightly uninspired when compared to the EP’s opening number(s). As said, this is by no means a bad song, it simply isn’t as unstoppable as Rock n Roll Weapon have proven to be, both live and in the last six or so minutes.

This is soon forgiven, however, as “Just a Bullet” kicks in. If anything, this song is what “Reason” could have been. It follows a very similar sound, although much more emphasis is placed on the vocal performance, which switches between whispers, straight up screams and a ridiculously Australian spoken word bridge. Here, more than on any other part of the EP, Rock n Roll Weapon make their message clear – “Rock n Roll is why we’re here!”.

Without warning, the song transitions into “Cainin’” – which begins with an amazing solo. Elegantly, this transitions into the now established, straightforward verse-chorus arrangements of the EP. Kenny displays his hardcore-influenced vocals on this song, occasionally bursting into them to accentuate particular passages – as opposed to boring the listener with overuse. With this, the EP ends on a high note – albeit not as hard hitting as it seemed to enter.

All in all, this is a flat-out amazing EP. Although my favourite Rock n Roll Weapon number, “This Means War” does not appear, it only proves that there is still more greatness to come from this band. If you get a chance, check out the band and grab a copy.

Rock n Roll Weapon merchandise can be purchased from Repressed Records, Landspeed, or directly from the band, live or at their myspace.


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